Information On The Sports Champions Expo

The Sports Champions Expo is the creation of Ryan Romano and Mike McCoy, owners of The Warehouse Peformance Institute.  This event is a chance for you to get intimate with consumers both individually and in small groups, so that parents, kids, families, and teams dedicated in using athletics and sports training to increase success both on and off the playing field, and can find solutions they need to help them grow both mentally and physically.  Together Ryan and Mike have over 20 years experience in athletics and over 4 years expereince training individuals from the youth through professional level.  We are a walking testimony on how athletics has shaped us from competing on the colligent level, Mike winning a National Championship at Alabama, to becoming successful in business after our sports career ended.  The lessons learned in athletics and training are life lessons to help you succeed forever.
We are working hard to bring in the best solutions for individuals of all ages, all sports, both male and female to educate the community.  Attendees will be able to speak with trusted experts in their field while enjoying live demonstrations throughout the day.  Join us for food, fun, and growth February 25, 2017 at The Hoover Met!
Thank you and we hope to see you there.
About WPI
In a world where our youth is starved for meaningful and positive face-to face interactions and activities, we’re dedicated to providing a personal and empowering approach to fitness and sports training. We’re about something greater than just sports at The Warehouse Performance Institute. We’re about pushing hearts, minds, souls, and bodies beyond the limits they once thought were insurmountable. We work to produce not just top athletes, but exemplary students, teammates, professionals, leaders, spouses, parents and members of the community.